text messages from him

I’m sickened by you

its not my fault

can I have a pill please

ok good bye for real were done

if you don’t I’m going to have to drink

you can say no but I’m asking you

good bye

there will be no more of me

I’m pretty messed up

you need to be here by six

did I do that?

makes me sick

I hurt too

you awake? you okay? what are you doing?

you were sent to me to teach me compassion and love I have lost those things

what are we doing wrong?

I believe you will kill me if things keep going this way

your attachment to me is psychotic it really is insane


I really feel like I’m losing my mind

do you have that back phone case

whats wrong with me?

I’m not proud of my self I don’t feel I have put my best effort out and don’t deserve any of this

I kind of like the thought of you killing me

its never going to happen us seperating

I think you like being abused because it makes you feel needed I been in your shoes

I got to get out of this town I’m losing my mind

I was okay before you

I feel so angry inside

you make me sick

can you give me a ride to work

don’t come to my gradutation

don’t come around here

iv had enough thats it

bring me money today

you ruined the bar I went to. my art has been hindered. and you break my heart your just an all around bad idea

can you pick me up at 9

iv done a lot worse

I cant say sorry just do better

I feel so rotton

I’m hurting because you hurt

will you bring me lunch

want to go on a picnic

pick me up at 4

can you write my web content for me

I love you I really do

get out of here you cunt

get out now

lazy fucking cunt

get on

I don’t care get away from me stupid bitch

leave idiot I don’t care about you



never come back

shut the fuck up

why did you hang up on me

see you saturday

I feel dizzy

fuck you

I don’t want you in my life

iv had it with you

once there were men but you buy into this stupid shit

I wont ever stand under you fuck you

your psycho

your too dumb to know the difference

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