The beginning.

As I write in here I will not be using my mates real names as I wouldn’t want to intrude on their privacy completely so get used to the code names.

In my next few entries I will be writing about my memories from 2011 to the present day, including stuff such as, pubity, friends becoming ex friends, boyfriends, first kisses, being in and out of belief, parties, loosing my virginity, school, college, and all the general drama of being a teenage girl in the south of England.

So, I say ‘The beginning’ but I don’t remember back that far so i’m gonna go from 2011 from before pubity, but when my lifes drama all started (From here you should be able to see how I’ve supposedly grown as a person and lived a difficult teenage life).

The only thing I really remember from 2011 was my birthday party (I’m a December baby so you already know its gonna be quite a lame party) but I had a sleepover with a few mates. We had to sleep in my lounge cause I grew up in the small box room. Like i’m not complaining cause my house was genuinely big but my 2 older brothers claimed the big rooms seeming they were older. Anyway, here was little 12 year old me thinking I was cool and having a typical 12 year old’s party with movies, truth or dare, and a midnight feast.

The more I think about what happened in the truth or dare game we played the more cringy I feel it gets! So pretty much my now ex best friend (reasons that weren’t this game) got given a dare to kiss me, on the lips. So poor little 12 year old me was having her first kiss with a girl, who was my best friend and everyone thought it was hilarious. All I really remember thinking at this point was ‘Oh no, what if this makes me a lesbian and everyone hates me!’ which is gonna be an obvious problem when you’re this age. Anyway everyone seemed to forget this bit rather quickly much to my relief. The next dare was my mate ‘Kimberly’ having to lick my foot, and then another kiss dare. Remember most of us were only 12 and all female so this is all just odd.

If I was to have a party like this nowadays I wouldn’t really think twice about it cause there would probably be alcohol involved but that’s a story to come. So being 12 this is already weird as I was in year 7 and I probably didn’t need this kind of party so early on in my life. As this is ,y earliest memory from secondary school, I feel that this was when my life properly started.

The next thing I remember was Christmas in 2011 where we went to my cousins house where we had dinner and saw family. This was also the first Christmas that my Granddad started to have heart problems. I remember it clearly because he was staying at a strangers house for hospitality and as he was climbing the stairs and he became short of breath and such and had to go to hospital. Turned out he needed to have a pace maker put in which he eventually did but at the time it was scary as anything and I remember the feeling that I was gonna loose him which was horrible.

This is as much as I remember from 2011 so I will end this entry here and start on 2012 in a couple of days. I hope you’re now quite interested to find out what goes on next (I remember quite a bit more from 2012 so look forward to it)

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