Wk 3: Day 21 Thursday

Today is the last day of my three week program so I have decided to reflect on the past three weeks after I come back from work experience with the dogs.

The last three weeks have given me an interesting insight into the most common mental illnesses in society. I now understand the symptoms of these illnesses which will help me to spot them out with the people around me in everyday life. I have also learnt effective techniques in how to deal with these common mental illness. Meditation and talking 45 minute walks was a very helpful technique that definitely made a difference in regards to my own stresses and anxiety. These techniques are something I will keep up with for in the future when they will be needed most. Through understanding the different mental illnesses I have also gained a consideration of how they can affect people’s work and social lives in the worst ways. My understanding of these illnesses gives me an advantage into the working future when I will one day have to deal with or work with people suffering from a mental illness. Mental health is a crucial yet disregarded importance in everyone’s life. 

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