Disney Villains

I do believe I am the only person to have smiled in a picture with Kylo Ren at Disneyland. If you ever get the chance to go to Disneyland, just be prepared as he is a total ass…I couldn’t stop laughing… XD
He is rather frightening and intimidating and very good at staying in character; ordering my friend and I about, and inquiring about our loyalties to the dark side in an interrogating manner.
I have a feeling he lost it when I asked him “When do we get to eat cookies?” because he said nothing else to me and only pointed to a spot on the ground for me to stand in the picture. I will never know if he was just lost for words, or repressing bursting out into laughter with me. I like to think it was the latter. :’D
I ended up snickering while we were still in the room before literally collapsing on the ground right outside, and cackling until I was tearing up and out of breath.

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