I am a geek

Geeks are a strange group.

I am one, I will admit each and every time. But over all we are a strange group.


Person A is really into a thing.  Person A’s friend slowly starts to get into it. You would think that Person A would be thrilled to have their friend involved in the same thing. But oh no. They are all pissed. How dare my friend get into something I am really really into. I don’t want to share this world wide thing with my friend! 

Same can be said that if one geek is into say Star Trek and then finds out their friend is also in Star Trek they get all pissed. And I’m not talking getting pissed because they are arguing about the differences etc etc. Nope, just pissed that how dare their friend be into the same thing. For there can only be 1 into Star Trek and it can’t be you! 

Like I said, geek’s are strange. 


2 thoughts on “I am a geek”

  1. …I’m not a geek. No! Not at all, not in the least bit.

  2. Maybe that’s the case for socially anxious geeks, but I personally LOVE it when I find someone sharing my interests. Actually, peope without at least a streak of geekdom inside them are like a blank page to me, I have no clue how to start talking to them (happens every once in a while when I get a new intern). And now don’t give me the “if you are not socially awkward you are not really a geek” argument that has been propagated by TBBT, making me hate this show (sincerely, a PhD), and neither the “you are just seeking for attention” thing, because I am confident enough in myself to know that both do not apply. 😉

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