i will grasp onto any opportunity to like someone. If you smile at me in a certain way I will remember that smile for days. If you stroke my hair, if you wink at me, if you randomly kiss me, if you put your hand on my leg, if you pull me in closer to you… All of these things will make me fall for you. 


All of these things will make me want you. Make me want you to make me mine for as long as I possibly can. Things like that don’t happen to me often which is why I attach myself to them. I’m not constantly thinking of this lad because he’s recently done all those things to me and now my head is fucked. I want his attention more and more and I know I’ll fuck it up if I carry on. But I want him to him be mine unfortunately. We’ll see. It won’t happen, cmon it’s fucking me as if I’m that lucky. 

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