Matthew had another meltdown in my care yesterday.  Screaming and flailing himself around for over an hour.  It is almost definite his mom will send him away now.  I am numb.  He got so upset because there were two twinkies and he ate both and didn’t save one for his brother. I told him Jacob doesn’t like sweets.  He said “I should’ve waited to SEE if he liked it!”  Then all hell broke loose.  Poor child. Almost all —maybe all —of his meltdowns are when he is angry with himself.  Oh, I put some of my book on here—-somebody said they would read it.  Please comment.  It would mean so much to me.

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  1. Sorry…I’m sure all of this is mind boggling and so hard to deal with. And I do know we love our grandchildren so much.
    I will look for your posts concerning your book in a day or two. Take care my friend.

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