My Story

So let me tell you a little about me. I grew up a product of divorce, I don’t remember a time where my biological parents were married, they divorced before I was even one. So I lived with my mom 90% of the time and visited with my dad the other 10%. My mom eventually remarried and so did my dad both when I was 5 years old. I love my step dad but my step mom not so much. So let’s skip forward a year to when I was 6…

I used to spend 6 weeks straight with my dad when I was out of school for the summer. I hated it. I was literally Cinderella but without the evil stepsisters and I wasn’t a princess by any means. Instead, I had bratty step brothers and I was treated like everyone’s slave. My stepmom became abusive as time went on. My step brothers would get a time out, I would get my ass beat instead. She hated me and it was evident. 

Skip forward several years…

I’m 13 and just started my freshman year of high school. My mom decided to put me in therapy because I was having a hard time at home. I was acting out and disobeying. That’s when I finally told my mom and the psychologist everything. I told them how my stepmom beat me and other things. After that day, I didn’t see my dad for almost 8 years. He showed up to major life events like my mom’s mom passing away and my high school graduation but I never talked to him. He made me out to be a horrible person for being honest about the things that had happened to me. 

So let’s skip forward to my sophomore year of college. I met my husband, someone I thought hung the moon but never truly loved. He was an abuser and new all the right things to say. The long and short of that, a year of major and a nasty divorce I’m free of that. A few months after I filed for divorce I met someone I thought could be my soul mate well as it turns out he’s just as bad as my ex-husband, except he was just verbally abusive.

Present day…

I’m in love with my best friend. He helps me battle the demons that have haunted me since I was 5 and he doesn’t even realize it. I know I need to go back to therapy and that’s the plan but I hate it. I just want to be normal again. 

Feel free to ask any questions I’m a pretty open book



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