I’m really pissed off. For multiple reasons and I have no one to rant to. So here goes nothing……

This one homeschool mom just makes me mad. She thinks her children are perfect and all others are completely unimportant. She thinks that everyone else isn’t as talented as her children. When in reality, they suck. I’m not saying I’m all great and wonderful. I’m not saying I’m extremely talented. But I can carry a tune. I can sing harmony. I can stay on freaking pitch and not change keys. And the ONE TIME I hit a flat note- she smirks at me. She tosses it in my face even though she clearly can’t recognize the fact that her daughters can’t sing. And her son, too. Since they’ve started coming to church with us, they’ve done things that have never been allowed before. Playing during a church service whenever he feels like it. Being part of the praise band when you’ve only been a part of the church for like a month. Wtf? I’ve been going to the church my entire life and never have I gotten to play a song during a church service. I’ve never had the guts to ask. I’m terrified of it. Which makes this whole rant sound completely idiotic. The fact that I’m complaining about him getting to do a song when I can’t even ask because I won’t let myself. My priorities are screwed up. And I kind of can’t stand myself at the moment. UGH. I want to cry. 

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