Sacrificing & Lost

I sacrifice so many things that come my way. Things that cannot be explain. Great things and bad things. But I deal with them because it’s my job to choose to do what’s right and wrong. So many people sacrifice on the people they love¬† to protect each other from getting hurt or lost.

You feel lost in the world because you think you can’t sacrifice on yourself to make something happen for yourself. When you finally realize what you can do for the world and for our community; you’ll know in your heart; you care about the best changes in the world. For the children; for the cultures and the people that lost their homes and loved ones.

Do you feel lost and scared that you have lost so many people that you loved and cared when 9/11 happened? Millions of lives were killed and hurt that day. That day changed everything. But we will never forget that day. Many people sacrifice their lives for each other. Would you risk your life for somebody you love, that meant the world to you???

Losing someone you love is hard to deal with. Because that someone meant the world to you and you’ve tried everything to save them. When you look up to heaven; what do you see??? You see God looking at you and He tells you that your loved one loves you and wants you to be happy.

Sometimes it’s hard to let someone go. Like I said, taking big risks of sacrificing on the people you love. Just keep praying and praying and if you wish hard enough; maybe, just maybe; it’ll come true.

Whose gonna be that one person to have your heart in a second?? We’ve lost so many people we love. No matter how hard we pray; they’ll never gonna come back. But, no matter what happens; they’ll always be in your heart. Just believe it. Trust me. It’s what everyone says, “GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU.”

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