So yesterday work went well.  Only because I was surprised by Gregory showing up because he was in the area.  He’s always in really nice attire because he works in the financial business and he looked especially good yesterday.  Now I can’t stop thinking about him.  Which is really confusing me and stressing me out because I have a great boyfriend who cares about me and whom came over last night so we could spend my day off together.  We went bowling and had a few drinks and I just couldn’t help but feel torn wishing I was with Gregory instead.  Maybe I’m making all this up because I need something else to focus/dwell on besides all the other crap I have going on.  I know I will never have a relationship with Gregory, or at least any kind of normal one but it just makes me wonder what’s going to happen with my boyfriend.  Maybe I’m just over it or bored or maybe this is just a phase.  I don’t know.  He’s sleeping right now but I had to write and get this off my chest.  I’m just so confused.  I actually wished I worked tomorrow to keep my mind off things. 

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