University Guy visits second most expensive University in his country!


Something is seriously wrong with my sleep. I stayed up for 40 hours
and after that I finally felt sleepy.

I know it’s only because I’m a little stressed ’cause now I have to
do an extra semester and my degree will be an year late, that means
no proper job in the field for an extra year.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and just like a cousin of mine in same field, I
won’t need a degree. He didn’t went back to his university to accept
his degree for 7 years after graduating. I asked him why he wouldn’t
go and ask for his degree and he said he doesn’t need it now, after
this much time in the field no one asks for a degree in this field.

He is in mobile apps designing industry.

I went to the Robotics workshop today, it was very interesting and fun.
I’m a software guy but for robotics I’ll be learning stuff from
Mechanical Engineering side and Electrical Engineering side.

What I din’t like was that University, the private University. I study
in a government university. The fee in Government Universities is
subsidized by the government, like, my one semester fee is 25000 Rs.
Which is approximately 16 times less then the fee of that Private

Everything there felt superficial. I don’t like rich people. To be
precise I don’t like the way how they think. But then who am I to
say, there are millions of people in my own country who have much much
less then us.

Thanks Allah for every thing you have giving us and never let us be
unthankful for anything.

Like I said everything felt superficial there. I’m glad I’m in government
University people here are true to themselves, well most of them.

The thing I absolutely hate the most are guys, acting a whole world differently
then who they are normally, around girls.

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