An Everyday Diary Into the Life of Sticky Nicky 21

Hi Guys its Nicky here,
Just a bit about myself to get started.
I am just an extraordinary girl in small standard town who loves to hang out with friends and see movies. My favourite local is townsville riverway pools and if you can’t spot me there i can definitely be found getting wet and cosy at the northern beaches leisure centre.
Im a huge cowboys fan, i definitely get down and dirty for the maroons, nothing makes my day more than being able to sit back, relax and watch the footy or a bit of cricket.
Early evenings i find myself pondering about life over a glass of my favourite daybreak fruity lexia (cask wine) and a box of the best cooked chicken you can find from the one and only KFC.
To conclude this bio, all this summed up has made me realise how interesting it would be for everyone to see into the everyday life of my fabulousness.

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