Animal person

Anybody who knows me ,knows that I love animals.I’d basically pet a snail or a turtle if I see one.Throughout my whole childhood I used to bring stray animals home.

At the age of around 2 I’ve got my first dog ever.He was mixed breed,mostly white with 2 black dots .I named him Aaron.Couple of weeks after he just vanished in to the thin air.Nothing too surprising when I think about it now ,counting that the person who abandoned me abandoned that same dog as well.I never managed to get to know what happened to my precious Aaron whom I miss 20 and something years later.I am however only sure in the one thing.He did it.

After Aaron the next animal he “got me” was the rabbit.A white rabbit with 2 black dots (coincidence??).That time I was more skeptical but also thrilled.I thought that he wants to make up to me cause of what ever he did to Aaron.Few weeks later the bunny was …Can u guess?GONE.Heartbreak x2.Thank you “father”.

Even tho I was sad cause I lost 2 of my buddies in a matter of month I didn’t let that experiences shape my love for the animals.I knew that they were safe in my mind and heart and that nobody can take that away from me.In the upcoming years while my parents were separated I sheltered a dog and 2 Guinean pigs,all of which came from him.We had no contact or a relation ,heck we haven’t even seen each other in 10 + years at that time but I knew that if I don’t take the animals that he once took and now wanted to get rid off like he did with Aaron and the bunny,they’d probably gonna “vanish” too and I couldn’t let that happen.Each new animal would bring me a joy and sadness.As if he was playing with me and my feelings on purpose.However I loved them.

Few posts ago I talked about my first friend ever.Well her family owned a dog,and since we didn’t have any animals no more I loved it when we went to their house for a visit.It would meant that I could play and pat the dog.On one nice and a sunny day I was petting the dog alone in my friends backyard.Parents were busy with putting away the wood for a fireplace which just arrived in a big truck.As I was petting him he took a sharp turn back at me (note that I was maybe 2.5 years old at that time) and that the dog was about the same height as me.We were face to face.All of a sudden everything goes black and I feel my skull hitting the heavy concrete floor beneath.In a matter of minutes (which seemed like eternity) I heard screams from my mom.I could tell that she was approaching me.From there everything went black.I woke up in a ambulance van ,laying on a chest of my mom vomiting in a loops and crying in a pool of blood that she pressed with a towel.She was crying helplessly too…

Operation desk ,a gas mask and many stitches later I was awake and ready to be sent home.If the dog bit me only a few cm. further I would lost my ear and hearing.I am so very thankful that that didn’t happen that day.I always thought and still do think that lives of me and my very first friend were tangled in a way.We were like a fusion of the same experiences.Fast forward few years after she got bitten by that same (their) dog on a cheek.They euthanized him because he completely went crazy from that day on when he first bit me.

I still loved animals.Few stitches couldn’t break my high spirit and no negativity was strong enough to get to my positivity (the younger I was,the higher my optimism would be).

Few weeks in to wearing stitches and having half of my face in a gaze I almost forgot about what has happened,only real reminder was that white thing on my head.He came home with a cat,gave me a can of tuna and told me to open it.No words said I took the can and tried to pull the lid as I saw my mom doing it in the past.Sharp and short thug should do the trick.I pulled and a blood started to go down my hand.I cut open my finger of the right hand.Ambulance van and a new stitches yet again…Do I think that was coincidence ?Most definitely not.He loved seeing me hurt or sad.Or he would enjoy his torturing moments of me or he would be neutral towards me.There wasn’t anything in between.I can count the affection¬† (like kisses and hugs) he ever gave me with the fingers of one hand.Not that it matters anymore…

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