Don’t go back

I’m seriously trying to be a very happy person in public so I’m coming here to express my true feelings.


Man I couldn’t be anymore loathful to people who try to ruin your life even though they left you hanging in the wind alone and afraid. There are many people like that but let me point out ex’s.

Ex’s have got to be the worst thing ever. You literally go from loving someone to not talking to them at all. That is really messed up but it’s life.  But that is not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about the ex’s that try and come back and I want to talk about going back to your ex. Btw, I’m sorry if I make anyone upset by this but I’m seriously mad and I need to vent. I seriously hope certain people see this.


I didn’t know which topic I wanted to talk about first so I’m just going to talk about your ex trying to come back. I truly don’t understand how the person that not only cheated and lied to you but blamed YOU for messing them up. This pisses me off sooooo very much like yall don’t even understand. How can you just change your mind and decide that you can just come back into my life or my friend’s life? You told us that you were going to leave and never come back so that’s exactly what we expected and we tried so hard to set our minds to you leaving. Do you understand how freaking hard it is to try and get over someone that you once would take a straight bullet in the head for? Can you not comprehend how long it took us to get over you? It literally took my MONTHS to get over you and my friends are still freaking suffering because their ex’s won’t get the crap out of their life. Why do you think it is okay to come back like nothing ever happened and it will all be better again and why do you think that I or anybody else would allow that? I told you to leave so leave. Don’t come back and don’t speak to me. You ruined my social life. You ruined my family life. You ruined how I treat others. You ruined how I view my faith. Don’t you understand? Don’t you understand that I had to fix ALL of that and I’m just now starting to be happy again? I’m not blaming you for all of that by no means, but you should know your part and decide to not come back in and mess it all up again. Let me be happy and let my friends be happy and just leave. Just leave because I know that if I allow you back then everything will happen again and I’m VERY proud of the people I call my friend and I don’t know how I got them and you will not ruin that.


Second, I need to talk about going back to your ex and I think this is a more important topic of the two.

Let me prep and remind some of you what your ex might or might not have done to you. Some of them have cheated, lied to you, used your body for their own purposes, ruined your faith, peer pressured you into doing something you don’t want to do, ruined your relationship with your friends, ruined your relationship with your family, called you very rude names, etc.

Are you seriously going to allow that person to ever come back into your life? Like it doesn’t even matter if you only let them in as a friend. The past is the past and you need to understand that it will not change no matter how hard you think it will be different.

To me personally, I will straight up put up a fight against my friends if they try to let their ex come back. I will flip crap on my friends because I know that they will get hurt again. All their ex is going to do is bring back old memories and the past. I promise it will happen. If you are reading this and you are thinking about letting your ex back in “as a friend” then just don’t. Think about how your friends will think. Your friends put so much effort into you and they love you so freaking much. Your friends might not even know your ex but I promise your friends have a STRONG hatred against your ex. You will ruin the relationship you and your bestfriend have made and honestly it is not worth it. You will realize your friend was right all along and when you are hurt again you will notice that you bestfriend won’t be their anymore because you showed them that your ex is more important than your relationship with each other.

Didn’t you and your ex break up for a reason? Yes? So why would you try and forget that because you think he/she is different now. I will guarantee that he is not changed and he/she just wants to see if it will work this time.

Guys, just listen to me. Don’t let your ex come back and don’t go back to your ex. I promise it is not worth it. If you have a comment or a concern please feel free to post down in the comments and I will be sure to comment back within the next day.


Well, that is about all for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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