Don’t know

I should break my silence now and split my things out but don’t know how?And I’m worried that I couldn’t write and don’t know what to write, what to say or what to do.You started to make me feel those things that I could never ever imagine, would happened to me,in my life. Don’t know why? When I was just in the confusion of ‘ are  you mine and only mine’  you suddenly  took a step back? It’s been more then 10 days of this weird and  frightening silence between us two. How could  you just make me shutdown so easily? 

You said you need time.Giving respecting to your personal space is an other thing and vanishing is another thing.Are you dumping me? But I believe that you are not that kind of personal who could dump.Maybe, it’s not about me.You are really in such a situation, you need your time. Yet,I’m scared. I shouldn’t  probably get  to know you this much.We were perfect as strangers. Every single moment,I’m giving too much to you and now I’m all silent! During my final exams, this shit. OMG! my finals are screwed as well. 
Are you gone? At least,if you’re mine, explain me otherwise I’m going to have a  blast in my mind. ache in my body and hole in my heart.

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