I do not support fat people

It all happens like magic. I place my trembling fingers on my keyboard and they just start moving. My mind falls in love with the beat of my fingers to my keyboard. My mind starts working in beautiful ways and I can’t really explain. It is as I don’t even have to think or do anything. My mind just goes to a deep place and my fingers just start moving like I’m not in control.

Okay so let me be the first to say this because it seems like everybody else is too scared to say this. I DO NOT LIKE BIG GIRLS AND I DO NOT CONDONE SUPPORTING FAT PEOPLE.

You might think I’m probably the most arrogant and ignorant person for saying this and you will probably say that they can’t help it. Let me tell you something that might upset you. There is a place called the gym. Do you honestly think they can’t help it? Then I guess there must be a reason for them not to go to the gym or something. I will not support big people because they decide to not better themselves. Please explain to me how they can’t change their lifestyle and better them self.

We live in a society where you will be mocked for absolutely everything you do and being against supporting fat people is one of those things that you will be mocked for. It is absolutely sickening to think that we are almost forced to accept fat people because those fat people won’t do anything to help themselves.

Also, it seems like I will be mocked for not being attracted to fat people. Fat people are by no means attractive. How can someone that is KNOWINGLY ruining their body be attractive? I think it is disgusting and I’m not the only one.

Do yall realize by supporting fat people you are supporting the way they eat and what they do to themselves. I don’t understand how people say that is okay because it’s seriously not okay. All you people are doing is showing that it is okay to be fat and this is setting an example for kids these days. You are showing kids/adults that they will be supported while they KILL themselves. How can you support that?

Let me say this before people start assuming things. I absolutely love people for who they are on the inside but I will not support how they treat themselves on the outside. I don’t understand how people don’t want to try and be healthy but instead some people think that it is okay to eat the way they eat.

There are plenty of reasons of why some people are the way they are (ex: genetics) and I fully understand that but even still you can work against that. Yes, it might be harder than someone with healthy genetics but that is no reason to fight against obesity.

Finally, I would like to point out this. If you are obese and you are reading thing, don’t think I’m saying I’m going to hate you if you don’t change your life around. I’m also not saying you are a bad human being and the only way to be a good human being is to become healthier. I won’t be there for you if you decide to make this journey to becoming healthier so don’t do this because of my personal opinion. Me personally, I can do a lot to better my body. I am very healthy but I can also work to better my body. I’m a 120-130 lb. 16 year old and I would love to better my body and trust me on this. I have started working much harder on my body and I think yall should also. Also, don’t push yourself too hard to the point where it is unhealthy because that is not safe at all. It will take time but YOU CAN DO IT.

4 thoughts on “I do not support fat people”

  1. You know there are diseases that cause people to become obese? Some can’t help it, I do agree that a very large majority of the population just gave up on their appearance but that small percentage can’t help that they are over weight. Maybe you stated that I didn’t read far enough to see, but if you didn’t, that’s all I have to say.

  2. Of course there are diseases and I did say something about that. I fully understand things like that but like you said, that is a very small percentage. I’m speaking more so on the larger portion that can fully change who they are if they commit to it.

  3. It is very sad to see that people just don’t care about themselves enough to do something about it, I’m glad someone had the courage to point it out, it’s so taboo to say anything about it these days!!

  4. I totally understand what you are saying here, I agree with most of it. I was 23 stone at one point, looked in the mirror gave myself a shake and so far I have lost 10.5 stone. I’m still currently over weight but I’ve just given birth to twins. I think it’s a life style we get stuck in and if your comfy you loose sight of what you see in the mirror!! But medical causes aside if I can do it then anyone can do it!! It’s one of the most rewarding things a fat person can do for themselves. You start to see the world different, rather than oh I’m too fat to go on the swing in the park I now race my kids to see who can go the highest the fastest!! I’m not thin by no means but I’m 10.5 stone lighter and it feels amazing!!!

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