It’s rough being a mom

Especially a single mom. It’s tough sacrificing everything I am, and everything I want to be and do because I have to make sure we stay afloat. Not that I’m complaining, looking into her big green eyes makes it all worth it, but it’s exhausting. Some nights I curl into bed, look over at her small chest, rising and falling, and I cry. I cry because I don’t have people there for me, and I need it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have friends, I have a boyfriend, but at the end of the night, it’s just me and Jaws. I don’t have anyone I can fall into them, feeling their arms wrap around me and hold me tight, making it feel like everything is being held together. I don’t get that luxury, because now that I’m a mom, I have to be the glue holding everything together.


Between daycare, apartments, cars, groceries, dates, work… it’s a lot. And I’m tired of saying, “Oh, it’s fine.”


Because it’s not, it’s not fine. And that’s okay, I know life isn’t fair and won’t be okay and fine all the time. But the fact that I have to pretend it is, I’m so tired.

5 hours left on the shift. Let’s go.

One thought on “It’s rough being a mom”

  1. Motherhood is exhausting like nothing else. It comes as a shock, because no one can imagine giving that much of themselves day after day. But focus on your love. Because that little girl will grow up and not need you so much. If you put your whole heart and strength into her now she will always feel you are her best friend. When you are older that will mean a LOT to you. May God give you strength for each day.

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