Jumpy Nonsensical Thoughts


“Unmedicated” they’ll say.  That’s why she’s this way.

Because I’m not enough alone.  Can’t.  Will never be, without help.

“God” made a mistake.

But we don’t accept that either because God “makes no mistakes”.  Where’s the fucking logic?

I don’t fit anywhere.

Broken may be meant by this existence.  For no apparent reason.  What’s a good enough reason anyway?  What justifies this?

All of this because I feel inadequate.  Due to my own allowance, nonetheless.

You control your emotions.  You’re it, the reflection.  Everyone else dies, you die too.

I’m a weak fool.  Because I possess the knowledge yet don’t use it.  Still, guided by some sails uncontrolled by my logical being.  No matter how much time I’m given to make a knowledgeable choice, I choose fucked up.  Am I crazy or trusting of intuition? An intuition I trust is incorrect.  A compass is broken. Leading me by a craving anything.  Anything I would do for your warmth.

But no.  I deserve not to have to give anything.  Polar opposites combine to create this.

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