Little Known Facts

Because I’m bored beyond all belief, here are some random ass facts about me that very few people know. Or none at all :3 

1. One time I ate an entire box of fruit snacks at 1 am. (and they weren’t very good either..)

2. I have a birth mark on my chest (like above my boob)

3. My feet are the most ticklish part of my body

4. Sometimes I read fanfiction. (more specifically, Andy Biersack fanfiction. Um.)

5. I’m secretly obsessed with Shawn Mendes.

6. I sleep with 2 stuffed animals- (yes, I know I’m too old for this) a dog that I got when I was 5 and a teddy bear that I got for Valentine’s Day last year <3 

7. I read a lot. I love to read. 

8. I’m in love. Actual, real love that I wouldn’t trade for the world…

9. I have every love letter/drawing I’ve ever been given. (from Jack, of course.)

10. I also have about 20 letters that I’ve written that I never gave him. Because I was either too scared to, or just never got around to giving him. 

11. I really want to play Christine Daae in Phantom Of The Opera. (and I can actually hit the notes. But no one knows that….shh)

12. I also want to okay Elphaba in Wicked. It’s been my dream since I was a small child. 


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