lost girl in neverland

i said that i don’t like him..
but what just happened?
everything turn into reverse.
i didn’t expect to feel this way.
every time i see him, my heart jumps into happiness
but it hurts me a little to know that i don’t have a chance to him.
he loves someone else. he adores someone else.
and whats worst? its my friend.
a friend i really trust. but how can i interfere?
i can’t dictate or say to him to love me because its not right.
we can dictate a person who to … love.
Love is unfair. but people makes it more unfair. why?
because they act like they want a person and then suddenly
leave them in despair when they find a new one , a better one,
and here i am being foolish and stupid to think that he can love me back..
im being blind even though the truth is in my face.
im Stone cold. Numb as ice.
my only friend now is myself.
i want to feel loved by someone i love. 🙁
i feel lost everyday.

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