My dream (gimme an adivice )

Today the weather is cool in Brazil, it is not so hot as it usually is. This weather makes me want (even more) to be a writer (or a fashion journalist), I wish I was at a café in New York drinking some coffe and getting inspired to write. Life would be perfect. 

I just love writing and reading, I got really emocioned when reading some love story. I just love this world, and I really wanna be part of it.

I actually have a blog where I post some cool stuffs, but I just dont know how to get people to see it, and its written in english, which means it may have a lot of mistakes, since I speak Portuguese fluently and not english. 

I’m one of those girls who thinks that “netflix and chill” is the best date, im a super romantic girl, totally full of dreams. My bedroom is my world, I love to spend nights with my mirror lights on, thinking about my life, and reflexing…. I really wanted to start a vlog on Youtube, but this year Im totally busy with school, and as this is my senior year, Im really thinking about the idea of start doing the vlog next year. I could record college stuffs, and some other things. I dream about everynight, but Im so shy, but anyway…. 

Would you guys like to see my blog and tell me what do you think, I also would love to recive some idea about what to do when I start my vlog.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “My dream (gimme an adivice )”

  1. Hello Nani! Your journal is very well written and yes there are some mistakes but it will get better with time.

    If you want to make Vlog them make them, don’t wait. Just be sure to prepare yourself properly before recording.

    Having dreams is a very nice thing. You want to live in New York, that is fine, but it will only be possible if you work for it hard enough.

    Writing these journals is a good thing, it will improve your writing skills and your grammar.

    Good Luck. You will be on my favorite Authors lists.

  2. What happened to the modeling thing you never told in your journals what happend to the offer?

  3. AH, I so want to be a YouTuber/writer (preferably typing on a Macbook in some coffee shop in a big beautiful city), too! I also get teary when I read really good stories. I would love to see your blog/YouTube channel anytime, that would be awesome! Anyway, I’m glad you seem to be looking forward to all of these dreams and stuff! You can always write to me if you want to talk about it all.

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