Synonyms for Unlovable


Why am I immature and pathetic?  Why is my anxiety seemingly getting worse with age rather than better?  My insecurities and self-destructive thoughts destroy me from the inside out.  No self-esteem.  Second guessing every choice.  Everyone knows I’m weak.  I really think I only have friends because they think I’m too weak to handle the truth so they are basically doing me a pity service by sticking around.

I wish I had the courage to kill myself, but I don’t even have the courage for much else.

Nobody can love me.  I’m unlovable, selfish, fat, self-centered, inappropriate, insecure, childish, unmotivated, scared, undesirable, unreliable, unintelligent, dysfunctional, and have terrible finances.  Who the fuck wants a child?  A mess to clean up?

I’m a shit friend, wrapped up in myself.  I need the courage to die.

I let everyone down.  I’m sorry.  It’s not a good enough apology though because I’ll do it again.

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