When is enough ?

I met C almost 6 and a half months ago. We met on the dating app, Badoo, now i have never been one to use dating sites , but when i work 12 hour days, 5 days a week, i have no time nor energy to go to the bars or clubs. I had been in a 4 year relationship with my 1st and only boyfriend but things didnt go the way as planned, we ended things on some what good terms, but i just didnt know where to start looking. Things with C and i went perfect almost Notebook like, he was from a city in Wisconsin and i a small town girl in Illinois. We were complete opposites but like they say opposites attract.  2 months after endless text messages and snapchats, we had decided to meet up, things were amazing that day, no awkwardness, no nothing, it was like we had known each other for years. C never formally asked me to be his girlfriend, but little things like ‘Hows my girl”, was enough for me to know that i was C’s one and only girl. I had never been in a long distance relationship before so i had no idea what to except from it, things got tough at times, we only got to see each other on the weekends, he lives an hour away from me, for most people an hour aint anything but when you both work 12 hour days, the last thing you want to is drive an hour away to only spend maybe 2 or 3 hours together. For some people that drive is worth t, but we had agreed to only spend the weekends together, but to call and text each other everyday. That was more than enough for us. Things were going great in the relationship, i had met his family, which for C is extremely rare, i was the 1st girl to meet his grandma. We are currently on a family vacation in Indiana, and again i am the first girl to come with and meet his extended family. so to C  i am someone important. What bothers me, is there is NO compromising in the relationship, it is his way and that is it, we are in a sexless relationship, before anyone bites my head off, sex aint that important to me, but when i hear him talk about his ex’s and how he slept with them after a few weeks, i cant help but get a little upset and hurt. If he slept with those girls so easily why cant we take that step together ? He says that he is scared that im not going to enjoy myself, but how does he know? I have tried to come to terms with this but i am slowly finding myself getting  fed up with this crap. He takes out his past mistakes on me, which is totally not fair. He will make sexual advances towards me then get upset and push me away when i return the favour…. I love C, i reallllllllly do, just dont know how much longer i can take this… so please give me your options.

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