Camp Bound

Tomorrow will be the first day of summer camp (where I’m a counselor).  This year I requested to be with the older kiddos.  Last year I was with the younger group, which was fun and enjoyable and all, but I’m always in perpetual fear that one of them is going to get away from me and meet their untimely demise in some way or another.  Probably a bit irrational, but hey, what are you gonna do.


These last few weeks myself and the other counselors have been working hard to make sure everything is coordinated seamlessly, getting together supplies and coordinating plans for each theme week.  Our camp is targeted toward under privileged kids whose parents struggle to find childcare while the kids are out of school.  Most of the kids attend camp all 12 weeks throughout the summer on scholarships we give out to those who apply, while a few attend only one week/a few weeks.


The other counselors and I went to one of those rope climbing/teambuilding workshops this past week.  Essentially it’s a cleverly constructed boot camp, laced with physical and mental challenges that force you to work together to overcome obstacles.  It serves as a great way to build teamwork among an ever-changing group of individuals (about half of the counselors from last year are back this year, for various reasons).  It definitely was a lot of fun, and helps bond us for the months to come.


In other news, my room is still not fixed (from the flood damage it underwent) so I’ve been staying in a friend’s room upstairs for the time being, since sleeping in the living room seems like some sort of uncalled for torture.  As much as I dislike being a Debbie Downer, I really don’t want to be woken up 5 times throughout the night with drunken roommates stumbling in and out of the front door and/or kitchen. 

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