Enough is Enough

Dear God, 

Please let go of my anger for the China people. They are such bullies, ill mannered and extremely selfish human beings. They are bullying the new guy at the counter and abusing their titles at the work place. 

It is so demoralizing working with them. They stab you in the back instead of appreciating your helps. 

All day, I will listen to my senior stories about how beautiful she is and she should have a man who paid everything for her. She claimed the local man aren’t good enough, but yet she dating one who allows her to stay with him (so that she need not pay rent), bring her for holidays and bought branded bags for her. She is so ungrateful and such evil heart. We all feel so sorry for that guy who thought she is everything to him. 

And our China manger is abusing her powers to take away our sales from us. She set the rules but breaks it whenever she can’t keep it. She talked bad about us while promoting her own China people. 

Please God, make them disappear from our life. Give us a fair and good leader who will appreciate and recognize our individual strength. Give us a positive and happy environment. 

It is like every 100 China people only 1 that is nice. Please give me the wisdom & courage to deal with them. Give me the strength and power to protect myself. 

Thank You for listening or rather reading my prayers. 


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