I have finally decided to write my own fanfiction.

I mean, okay, I have been writing fanfiction since I was just a seven-year-old kid who was highly disappointed by the Ron/Hermione stuff in HBP (I’m sorry JK Rowling and all Romione shippers out there, but I will be forever bitter that one of my favorite literary characters ended up with her friend, because Harry/Ron/Hermione was always supposed to be the Completely Platonic Golden Trio to me) and also super distressed that there was never any mention of how lovely James and Lily were when they were together with Sirius and Remus and…Peter (forever sobbing in the corner for how young they all were when they died or lost friends).

Seriously, I remember writing all these lame, fluffy little drabbles about Jily and Harmione (I sort of regret the Harmione now because I don’t think it’d work very well) and just daydreaming about what it would have been like if James and Lily were to somehow come back from the dead (you will not believe how much I cried for them and their unfinished lives), and what Harry and Hermione’s kids would have looked like. (Hopefully Harmione children wouldn’t have had such ridiculous names). I honestly thought Harmione would somehow miraculously become canon in DH but then my heart was basically shattered into a million pieces when I read the epilogue, so. I also cringed really hard when anything related to Romione popped up in the movies (the piano scene, the kiss, the sorry I left Hermione I’m so lost and stupid without you scene) because I just couldn’t imagine their relationship happening.

I’m sorry, though–am I some sort of sinner for strongly disliking such a beloved canon couple?

Because believe me, I honestly feel guilty for not liking it. I’ve tried SO HARD to get interested in it, to convince myself that it was the best kind of canon couple. But it can’t work for me. I can’t do it. It’s just, totally uncomfortable for me, and I don’t think I will ever understand it.

(I’m so sorry JK Rowling and all Romione shippers, for I have sinned against the Sacred Fandom Canon).

But anyway, I thought Wattpad would be a nice place to post some stories/fanfiction (because, really, I’ve seen FAR too many cringe-worthy fics on for the site to have lots of appeal to me, like seriously, I shudder when I think of all the horrendous sentences I’ve stumbled upon while looking for fics–the worst of which are written in…FIRST PERSON *horrified gasp*). I love those writing prompts you can find on Tumblr, and I think it would be nice to at least try to get my stories out there, because no one in the entire world has ever ever ever read any of my creative works. No one. Which is sad, and motivates me to write better so I can turn out something I can be proud of.

I hope my writing isn’t bad, though. I know it isn’t good, because I’m not a good writer. But I hope that it isn’t BAD. I hope my writing can someday be good enough to make people feel something–happiness, amusement, even sadness or anger. I don’t mean I want to be some famous writer–I just want to at least make someone, someone, in some little corner of the internet, happy because they’ve read something I’ve written.

That would be so cool.

But this is all just wishful thinking, because I haven’t finished anything yet. And by finish, I mean, actually finish. The most I’ve gotten out is a single chapter for this short multi-chap story (not fanfiction, an actual story) about wind, too-big houses, and warmth…But I suppose all stories start out as single chapters.

And hopefully, I’ll find some nice people to discuss writing with, because I have yet to meet anyone who wants to write as much as I do (well, excepting that German penpal I had for a while, who stopped responding to me for no apparent reason). I can’t draw fanart, I can’t make GIFs, I can’t do photo manips, I can’t make cosplay costumes, so apparently, my fandom calling has to be writing fanfics. Which, you know good enough.

And that’s all for today. Have a good Sunday, and stay chill.

2 thoughts on “Fanfiction”

  1. You must be a writer —-to feel the desire so intensely. I bet you will be a GOOD writer, too. My first novel started as a short story. Then it changed and changed again for 25 years. (smile) I hope your work moves faster! I was raising my two year old when I started, and I skipped a lot of years to devote more time to her. Anyhow…..go for it! And don’t try for perfection in your first draft! Just WRITE, you can go back later and polish it.

  2. Go for it! Wattpad would be a nice place, I agree. I once set up an account on and there were way too many rules when it comes to writing your stories. Quotev could be a nice place too, I find a lot of stories there when I search up fanfiction, but that might just be cause I’m more familiar with it.

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