Maybe,it’s the rule of living..

When I started to realize you as a part of me, started to see your pictures at the start and end of my all days by saying you’re the one who still stands for me that it’s almost half year, we are together. I may not be your crush or something because technically crush doesn’t last this much long.And it’s true that you would stay till end with me. Your  gestures, your ways, your talks everything was true,right and real.That you remembered my mom every time. Sent her halwa, the smile on your face when she called you to come in  home, your every second spend there,your every gesture, your facial expressions, your hand’s moments,the way your eye ball moved, in fact your every single way of staying at my place was all real.Cause tongue could lie but you don’t.

Every circumstance gave me the feelings,I couldn’t control my self and maybe going to lose control.But losing control is not a good idea for now. Cause there are so much ‘to dos’ in our life,not only for you but for me as well. And after that wonderful tranquil situation, you made me realized it’s life. And maybe it’s rule of living that I’m not lucky enough to get what I want. And it’s okay not to be okay.

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