Had an echo last Friday and my fifth chemo will be this coming week.  Not sure what is going on.  The symptoms from my last chemo were just not the same as all the other times.  The husband said I am just getting used to it.  I don’t think you get used to it that much.  I think I wrote that when the nurse accessed the port it hurt a lot and when she removed it again it hurt and that never happened before.  Also I have an huge appetite like eating in the middle of the night sometimes and probably the biggest thing is my hair has grown slightly but still it has grown.  Just doesn’t make sense.  That shouldn’t happen until after the last treatment however if the last treatment I had didn’t register in my body right then that could signal my hair to start growing.  I’m definitely talking to my doctor before my next chemo.  In other news, the son is doing well and has first girlfriend.  Buddy his dog graduated from puppy training and saw the daughter who is a whole other story that I’m not quite ready to get into here.  Lets just say I don’t know her.  Love her yes but don’t know her.   I have $40 worth of petunias to plant at the cemetery and they are still here but they are blooming beautifully.  Plan on doing that job Tuesday before Wednesday’s chemo.  Hope they look nice for Memorial Day.

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  1. Yes I’m sure you will get the flowers done and all will be lovely for Memorial Day. Who knows what’s up but I’m going to choose to believe it is because your treatment is working, helping you heal. A good appetite through this is such a blessing. Pray things continue going well for you my dear.

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