Treat day – Everyday

Hi Guys, 

Back again. This time with a treat yo self attitude or in my case get someone else to. 

The hardest decision I was faced with today was whether I was choosing Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate or some other ungodly delicious tasting flavour. 

You see those girls who rashen on lettuce leaves and portion size food just so they can announce to the world their newest addition of ever growing bone production and yet today I’m like but what flavour? That’s the real struggle! 

What if I pick the wrong flavour? How could I live with myself. You need to take into account whether your taste buds would even forgive you for that monstrosity. It’s like walking into the grocery store with mouth watering iced donuts in mind, grabbing the first package you see only to realise you just purchased plain cinnamon donuts.

i just don’t want to look back and think to myself, I could have had that flavour. What would my day be like if I’d had that glorious moment of redemption touch my tongue? 

You could spend all day long holding the refrigerator door open or stupidly staring into oblivion while the cafe chick constantly asks what you want to order, looking everywhere for answers only to face cold hard facts that the  only way your going to decide is if you take the leap of faith and trust that gut instinct. 

My life is a series of awkward and humiliating moments seperated by snacks and the final moments come down to what flavour I’m going to be completely satisfied by. No one can make that decision for me!

Before saying those famous last words of “sticky nicky out” I will say this: A person can never truly understand life’s greatest struggle of which flavour unless faced with the decision themselves. If someone walks up to that counter with a smile on their face and the choice of flavour just roles from their tongue… Kill them and burn the body. It’s a fucking demon. 

Sticky Nicky Out xx 


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