Au Revoir (la poésie)

Au Revoir
by: pinkstar

Pronto, our lives are separated,

but my feelings for you never departed.

Say I may be crazy right now,

and a little bit poignant somehow.


I know you don’t care,

so I just whisper it in the air.

I know you will not make a stare,

and probably you’re unaware.


Before you turn away,

please meet me at the bay.

Let me tell you something,

that I know won’t make you sway.


Thank you for 81 days of everything,

for  81 days of smiles,

for 81 days of tears,

and for 81 days of romance.


From this day,

I decided to walk away.

I choose to leave sadness,

to stop this madness.


Don’t misunderstood my action,

for I have my own good intention.

Don’t even think I’m a flake,

because I did it for our own sake.

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