I’m looking out my window.

I hoped to see some stars.

Unfortunately, those are rare to see in Illinois.

But I see something also just as wondrous.

It’s a tree.


There is a light breeze tonight.

I open my window.

The sounds of the city are restless and distract me for a moment.

The cool summer breeze is calming.

Tears swell my eyes as my heart pounds a little harder.


I look back at the tree.

The leaves are dancing in the night with the breeze.

I begin to stare at it.

It makes me smile.

It’s beautiful…


It’s not the tallest or the straightest or even the most lush of trees.

It even has gaps between the branches where the deep blue night sky peeks through.

But it’s still beautiful. 

In all it’s flaws and imperfections, it was created this way.

It was intended to be this way..


It sounds silly, right?

Being emotional over a tree.

An ordinary tree even.


But it’s not ordinary, it’s one of a kind.

This tree has lived longer than me.

It’s endured wind, rain, snow, and more.

and more…

This tree after everything is still standing tall and strong…


About a third of the way up from the base of the tree trunk is a slight kink.

Almost as if it changed it’s’s path..

I look at this tree and think it’s so beautiful with it’s imperfections and all.


My heart pounds again.

Tears swell up..again.


I want someone to look at me like this.

The way I see this tree.

The beauty in my imperfections.


I take a deep breath.

No more tears..


It’s darker now.

I can see a few scattered stars now, through the gaps in the branches!


I smile and take another deep breath.


My heart weighs heavy tonight.


Can you see it?

My heart?

The beauty?


I hope you find me.

I hope this finds you.

I hope you can see the beauty in.. me.. in.. my heart.



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