Day 88 – Friends over for birthday

Monday, May 23rd 2016

The day my friends come over for my birthday!

For the morning I helped clean my room (even though I don’t use it later) and had some technical difficulties with the Playstation. I had in mind to plug it into my monitor, but it doesn’t support it, so we decided to move it to the basement (good call, cause a couple of them did a lot of swearing and we made a lot of dick jokes. If you play Quiplash or Fibbage, you’d understand).

Kohai, The Prodigy, Rainbow and another one of my friends were there. We played on our devices while The Prodigy watched, but she still had a lot of fun cause our answers were funny. We went up, ate a ton of delicious sushi and opened presents, which resulted in money from my grandmother (she was outside with my mom), more money, a Nutela jar, a basket with crayons, a bracelet with R2D2, BB-8, Darth Vader and Yoda on it, a little rabbit and a sushi all made out of rubber bands (cause that’d be a weird gift basket) from Kohai (they’re so well made, I’m amazed), then some bathing products and money from one of my friends, then chocolate (they’re hedgehogs and so cute) and a sketchbook from The Prodigy, and finally chocolate and a couple of snapbacks from Rainbow. I wanted these kinds of hats so badly. They’re the only types of hats that I really like wearing and that actually look good on me. I used to hate hats, but now I love them. 
   We also had delicious chocolate cake. The same one I have every year. It’s the best.

Afterwards, we returned to playing Fibbage and Quiplash. I couldn’t figure out a name for the game, so Rainbow decided to call me “coxandshit”. She kept saying things like “coxandshit coming in 2nd place!” to the point The Prodigy suggested to change my contact name. I decided that I’d change her name to “Fratboi” back, cause it was her username for the majority of the game and she kept saying it in a funny way. I’m so glad no adult walked in.
   Also, at some part she wrote for an answer “coxandshit 2018 tour”, so then for her birthday she asked me to make a poster for her that includes that name. THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT.

I relaxed when they left (basically at the same time, my mom commented that they’re coordinated) and watched a movie called Upside Down. It’s different, kinda like a fairy tale. It has a very interesting concept.

In conclusion, it was a very fun day! I very much enjoy it and want to relive it again.

That’s all for today.

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