Don’t hurt me

Why are you doing this to me? Why are you attacking me when I’m only 16? I didn’t deserve it but at the same time I do. I don’t fully understand why you are doing this to my body and I hope you stop. I hope one day you will just leave so I don’t have to feel your pain anymore. You scare me while I’m being free. You hurt me when I’m happy and I have to hide the pain that you cause because if someone saw the pain that you put me threw then they would run away from me.

This is why I don’t tell anyone about you. People know about you but that number is very few. I know you will continue and won’t stop until I’m dead and you are happy. That’s what you seek for. Death.

I know you didn’t have intentions on hurting me but this is life. I’m sure you wanted me to be happy and I know you can’t stop and I cannot stop you. You have a say when you want to stop and I’m to do nothing but take in the pain that you bring.

It’s okay. I can live through it and I know this is just the beginning. This is why you do not scare me right now. I know you will get madder and madder until the day where you take out all of your anger on me and I can’t do anything but sit and cry. But I believe you can’t hurt me right now. I’m sure you would love to hurt me but you can’t. You’re not strong enough. You are still weak and I’m too strong.

I have a feeling that when you come at me with all your power I will be the in the happiest part of my life. I will be doing missionary and praising God and you will come out of nowhere and you will ruin everything.

We have already spent so much money. Why do you seek for more? Why? I don’t understand it but I’m not very intelligent so I can’t predict when you will decide to come back.

They say it will easy. I’m sure they just don’t want to scare me. They told me I have time but time is flying by and you are getting stronger.

So now I must wait and see. I will not do anything to you but I ask that you do nothing to me also.

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