How do I get it right?

Have been reading motivation books from Jim Rohn, Abaraham Hicks etc…. They make success sound so easy. It began with a mindset and bah bah bah…. 

I wish I have a mentor who can guide me through. Allow me to understand and succeed in life. How can I change my circumstances around for the better? What can I do that make my heart sing and enjoying the moment? 

What is it others is doing and I do not get it? What can I do to improved? What do I have to do? 

2 thoughts on “How do I get it right?”

  1. I feel your longing…
    Remaining in the present moment: feeling your feelings, thinking your thoughts, doing what you are doing, is so important. For in the present moment NOW, is the only time we can feel, think or experience anything. This is truth.

    Learning to acknowledge in the moment, how you feel, what you are thinking and doing is key. The moment we become aware of ourselves in this way, is when we have the power to consciously make a choice. We can continue to feel, think and do as we are, or we can choose something more in alignment with our true hearts desires.

    Infinite blessings.

  2. Dear NakedIsShe,
    Thank you for your advice.

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