Resting Bitch Face

I am truly confused on how a large company like BAE or Allied Barton are able to hire such shitheads.  (that is referring to them nicely too)

How can you come to work every single day late and yet, bitch about how tired you are?  Yes, you have a child but you live with your Mother and Father and therefore have the support needed to get the correct amount of sleep.  I truly do not understand how they believe that keeping someone hired that doesn’t do her job is better than having the hours to make up for someone who actually wants to work and have those hours.


Seriously, all she does is bitch and if she isn’t bitching, she falls asleep at the front desk.  To me, if I were Supervisor, I would have fired her smart ass self before she even started considering she is always late, she falls asleep at work, she mouths off to customers or visitors and has an awful attitude that just does not fly in this type of work.  I am honestly debating on leaving this job for another since I just cannot put up with her type of person. 

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