Some Whining… and unsolicited advice for teenagers.

I’ve worked 40 hours of the last 48 on two hours sleep at a job that I hate that doesn’t pay enough to cover the bills.

It’s been ten years since graduation. I’ll be  27 years old in August.

I’ve noticed that a lot of high school students use this site, so here is my unsolicited advice for you guys:

Take your education seriously. You’re young and it’s not fair that you have to make decisions now that will affect the rest of your life, but it’s a fact. Go straight to college. Do well. Make it your number one priority. No boy, no girl, no party, or half-baked independence is worth not doing so. Trust me.

If I hadn’t taken that “year off” that turned into ten years. I’d have a real career right now. I’d have a real house, a real life, a real future for my kids.

(Oh, yeah… also… don’t have babies… I don’t regret my twins, or their father… but I wish I’d been more stable, more of a rock for them.)

I’ll be going back to school in August. Part time, because I have to work and take care of my kids. I’ll be in my thirties before I have a real career, a real house, a real life.

I could have had it years ago. 


One thought on “Some Whining… and unsolicited advice for teenagers.”

  1. And here’s one of those teens. I don’t think anyone can truly live without any regrets because whatever you do, there’ll always be the time where you’ll look back on hindsight and think of what you should have done instead. Indeed, I’m one of those tired teens right now wanting a year off so desperately, even though I’d probably not know what to do with it. In your case, obviously wanting a better and more stable job is valid, but at least you have a family to support – a purpose worth living for. If you hadn’t gone on this route you could have become some workaholic woman who never had the time to ever settle down. Then in your thirties you’d be regretting not meeting someone earlier, not being able to have kids, having a higher chance of conceiving a child with health issues, not taking care of your personal health… etc. Ultimately, perhaps life is just full of regret and worry, so just use these negative thoughts as a motivation to better your future, rather than dwell in the past. Maybe it’s time I heed my own advice…

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