Still My Secrets

I asked you not to tell it. I asked you specifically not to tell my brother. Today I find out you told him anyway. “It just slipped out,” you said.




You can’t keep a secret to save your life. You want to know all my stuff but you can’t keep a damn secret to yourself, and you wonder why I don’t want to tell you things. You wonder why I don’t tell you about a guy I might be dating or just know for that matter. BECAUSE YOU CAN’T KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT.


You are my mother for christ’s sake and I should be able to trust you with my stuff. Especially the things pertaining to my health, but I can’t. I can’t trust you with anything.

One thought on “Still My Secrets”

  1. Trusting someone is hard to do after they’ve betrayed you. It took about 8 years to finally be able to trust my father on some level again…still re-re-re-building that bridge. It takes time and A LOT of work on both ends. I hope your mother will realize what her actions are doing to your relationship with her before it gets worse. Best wishes and good luck.

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