University Guy and his Poison!

I can’t stop myself I’m having all the urges again!

I wan’t to watch Anime.
I want to watch Arrow, Flash, Suits, Supernatural and all the seasons I stopped watching.

These things destroy my life and yet I can’t stop myself
from taking this poison!

2 thoughts on “University Guy and his Poison!”

  1. Man, I’ve given up a lot of things in my lifetime. I used to spend like 18 hours a day on Youtube. It was so bad that, if I was awake, I was on youtube. I mean I was watching Youtube in the shower, at college, on dates… And then I went cold turkey for almost 2 years. It was hard. But thinking about giving up anime is rough. I’d rather give up one of my five senses, I think. Sure enough, anime will ruin you. You will catch feelings, your heart will be crushed by the weight of friendship and love and tragically predictable plotlines, and sure, you just may go bald from the stress it causes you, but it hurts so good. Modoka Magica may make weep like a six year old who just found out Santa is a fraud, but I’ll be diggity damned before I quit. Good luck!! Stay strong.

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