5-24-16 7.18p

This is a picture I took. I got back from school, had a cigarette and then took my dog for a walk. She’s a beagle and her name is Sadie/Winnie. I like the names Winnipeg and Elliot. I fell off a skateboard about a week and a half ago and my wound is mostly healed. It scarred pretty bad and it’s super dry – ouch. I’ve recently picked up listening to Eminem again, he said in a interview that he used to read the dictionary to widen his vocabulary. I think I might start doing that. I think I want to start going outside and just drawing or painting what I see. But, everything has been seeming gray and mundane lately. I forgot to take my medication this morning whoops. 



Beautiful- Eminem

So Far- Eminem

Somewhere Only We Know- Keane

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  1. That’s a beautiful picture, and your dog’s name sounds so cute.

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