Adoption? Abortion? your thoughts?

I am not pregnant not any where close..still a virgin.. but if I ever got pregnant and knew I could not take care of the child abortion is probably what I would do.. some say that is cruel and evil and is killing a baby that never got the choice.. but what about those children who got the choice then had to suffer went to foster care and never got adopted and went thru hell or what about the ones whose parents kept them and they got thrown all over and worried about their next meal? what about the ones whose parents kept them and they got up there never worried about the next meal or being homeless? what about the children who got adopted and they found loving families ? but then what about the babies who got aborted? those who believe in god say heaven .. but others I do not know what they think or how they feel.. it is a touchy subject.. but I think the best thing would be to have an abortion to many children are in foster care and have no actual place or family to call their own.. I want to adopt and foster.. but if I ever had a unplanned pregnancy I might just abort.. no matter how much I felt like that baby was apart of me.. I don’t want to have my own kids I want to adopt and foster and let them be my babies. so they can have a place to call home and a family that loves them.. what are your thoughts guys?

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