Adulting too hard.

Suffice it to say that if I have trouble getting through a regular two day weekend, that a long weekend is the bane of my fitness existence. It’s been a week… And a half. Haha. I’m finding it very hard to find motivation to do anything but watch Netflix and catch up on Suits because my mind is going a mile and a half a minute.

The truth is that I find it very hard to focus on multiple life choices at once. My boyfriend and I are considering buying a property. Condo, townhouse, house. We don’t know which yet, but looking into it is almost driving me nuts. The possibilities are endless until we actually decide anything. The market is so nuts right now, we don’t know whether to take what we can get (comfortably and happily of course) or wait and see if we can manage to catch the big fish later on. Only problem with that is that maybe the options in our price range end up being out of our range by the time we get into it. AAAAAAH. Adulting is so hard.

Honestly, focusing on the gym and eating well and a clean apartment would probably do me well. We’ll have to wait and see. Eeek!

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