Is this love? Remember that song from the beginning? How everything started? Well, this song won’t leave us alone. The other day I was in the city with some friends. Me and him kind of had an misunderstanding. You wonder why? To be honest, it isn’t really that easy to be in love and I’m sure you guys get it. You kind of start to get jealous and stuff, but I wasn’t jealous I was just feeling neglected. He wasn’t there. The whole day and night, and he didn’t even think of sending me a message so I know that somewhere in his heart I’am present. I got really angry at him, I wanted to break up. Because.. I didn’t want to be that stupid girl that falls for somebody who doesn’t care. No. I’m so much more worth than that. I told myself that I wouldn’t tolerate this, him hurting me, and me forgetting about it. But what can you do when you’re in love. Honestly, you will only be able to love no matter what happens. I told him all over the phone, I wanted to go. And I was expecting him to raise his chin up to the sky and say bye. But, he just told me “I won’t let you go, you ain’t going”. I swear to God, just that one sentence made me stay. Cause, he, didn’t wanted me to go. He could’ve had any girl he wanted, and get rid of me in a second. But he told me that he couldn’t be without me, so I stayed. Cause I couldn’t be without him. I could just hide it better. I was still hurt, but better. So, we went to the city and the sky was magnificent, you just could not sustain staring at it. We talked and talked, laughed, it was a really good time. And at one point when all of us were sitting, a man who sang and played live started singing our song. At first, I didn’t recognize it, but as he went on with the song I got shivers. My mind just flew away, to a place where only me and him reside. And everyone was just staring at me and asking me what I’m thinking about so hard. But I just laughed, cause I knew. We really were special. As I got home I told him about it, and we assumed it was some kind of coincidence but we never really believed in that. He felt how it was without me texting him all the time and he got jealous too. Since then, he is a changed man. He told me he understood what I was saying and that I was right. Never had a man told me that. A woman. So again I was impressed. But still thinking in myself maybe he is just a player and knows what and when to say something. Although I din’t want to believe in that. We met soon and it was so beautiful. Each time we meet it gets  better, with more emotions. He finally let down his guards. He finally lets his heart feel. And I love it, I love him. I really do. Still I’m scared that this love won’t succeed because of my parents, but I can’t let go..I can’t.  And the magic does go on. He was out with his mates that night, and he was texting with me. Yes, he does that, now even more often because he cares about whether I will feel sad or not. I love that. And I just made him a compliment, because I really felt like that, he was everything I imagined. I had to spoil him a little. And suddenly he tells me that he loves me. I was so happy. I still am. It’s probably only gonna last till morning but I’am gonna enjoy every second. And just after that moment I got a text saying ” Guess which song is playing right now”. And I knew which song it was, but I asked anyway. And his answer was “Is this love”. It wasn’t coincidence any longer. It was faith, destiny, something bigger. Something that keeps us together by telling us that we are doing the right thing. Love always wins, love does not choose. After all love creates life, it adds magic to the grey skies and polluted air. It adds green to the trees, red to out cheeks and warmth to our hearts. 

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