Chapter 1: March 2001

Ellie rushed to finish up her homework so she could finally talk to the newest interest in her life. She shut the books and shoved them into her bag that still had dirt from the dugout from practice. The petite, dark haired and tanned fifteen year old woke the massive computer from it’s slumber. She signed in and let the dial up do it’s thing as it connected to the wondrous interweb. As that worked, she went over to grab a glass of kool-aid and something to snack on, to her dismay, no munchies in the pantry, dad’s boss must have not paid him again. She shrugged it off and walked over to the computer desk, and as she sat down a chime rang through the speakers and she was happy to see is was Jon instant messaging her.

Scooby925: 🙂 there you are

SuperWoman04: 🙂 here I am. Sorry had some homework to do. How was your day handsome?

Scooby925: Ok, my classes were boring as usual. It was way too hot for us to be practicing but coach didn’t care, :/ so baseball practice was painful. How was your day hot stuff? 

The conversation went back and forth and the two exchanged cute nicknames and computer faces. They’d met in a chat room a few months ago and naturally there was an instant connection between the two. 

Jon was tall, light skinned with bright brown eyes and a year older than Ellie, and he was head over heels for her. He was confused as to how he could be so captivated by someone whom he’d never met in person. But he didn’t care, she was funny, she listened, they shared so many interests and she was pretty. At least from the pictures she had e-mailed to him. He couldn’t wait to meet her in person. 

The two spent months talking online and on the phone whenever they could. Ellie had her phone in her room as did Jon, hours and hours of phone calls were exchanged between the too. They left all their free time to one and other. They even wrote ACTUAL love letters to each other and mailed them to each other’s house. One day, Ellie received one of those letters from him and it was song lyrics. The name of the song was “Differences” by and R&B artist named “Ginuwine”. The chorus read:

“..My whole life has changed
Since you came in, I knew back then
You were that special one
I’m so in love, so deep in love

You make my life complete
You are so sweet, no one competes
Glad you came into my life
You blind me with your love, with you I have no sight..”.
It was sweet, and it melted her heart in a million ways. She’d never been swooned like this before and she was enjoying it.

Finally in July of 2001, Ellie’s best friend Ana had her quincenera (like a sweet sixteen, but for 15 year old latin families). It was only natural to invite Jon as her date. Jon and his best friend, Fern went to the party. The boys picked a table to sit at as all guests arrived and finally the quince party arrived. Jon and Ellie’s eyes met and they both smiled uncontrollably. This was a moment they both had waited for. After the court danced and they wowed the crowd ad they celebrated her best friend, Ellie was able to head over to Jon and give him a hug. It was the tightest and most passionate hug you could imagine as a fifteen year old. He held her close and long, and it felt so right. “I’m gonna hang on to this one for a long time” she thought to herself. 

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