Chapter 3 – The benefits of resignation

So I gave up, emotionally curled myself into a ball and waited for acceptance to happen, for the realization that there would never be more between the Witcher and me, meaning we had already reached the climax of our small story. Apparently it was one of those story where you keep waiting for something big to happen and then feel underwhelmed and disappointed.

The Knight noticed immediately, asked me what was wrong, and when I did not tell him, he made a rare mistake: he misjudged me. He thought I was mad about him not hurrying up with his thesis, probably on the basis of his already guilty conscience. And he was not entirely wrong – I was indeed profoundly annoyed about him not taking this task seriously, about me putting so much more time into it than he did. Sometimes I thought I might lose my respect for him – I had always known that he was less disciplined than me, but this was taking things too far. Still, it would not have caused this sad resignation that he mistook for anger, when in truth I was just lovesick.

But sometimes good things come in strange and unexpected ways. His worries over my silent sadness made him increase his efforts more than any orders, demands or motivational words from me could ever have done. The days that followed still seemed like an eternity to me, often making me wonder if he had to reinvent the alphabet. How could completing the work on 150 pages take that long? But at least he was writing. Every Monday he told me he would be finished on Friday and every Friday he said he could take the weekend as well. It took him two more months until finally handing it in.

By early July he had his degree. It seemed surreal, given that he had abandoned hope to ever finish years before, only keeping up his inscription at the University as an excuse. But there it was. We recently found out that the professor who had made an exception to let him hand in his thesis about 20 terms too late retired only two weeks later – yes, WEEKS! I cannot believe how close of a shot this was. And it had only worked because of a small yet meaningful misunderstanding I had been unable to tell him about.


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