Episode 4: Concerts and Newport Pleasure

So I went with P to a some kind of large concert event, featuring many bands I didn’t know, and even more events I have never heard of. Im not much of a live concert individual. I dont enjoy listening to the broken tones, inaudible voices of the singers as their equipment tried desperately to keep up with their screaming noises. I always found it unpleasant that I would spend much of the time trying to decipher the words, assuming I was ignorant of the actual song (so most of this day). That being said, P invited me along with her friend S, and my co-worker T. Cost me a bit, but if it meant escaping the house I couldn’t really refuse.
The drive was nice with everyone. It was only about forty five minutes away but the weather was beautiful. They spoke and laughed about work and I listened in earnest.
The concert itself was in a fair ground. There were multiple stages and each band played at the same time over a time span of about twelve hours. I found most of my enjoyment in trying out various alcohols, being confused for a child (apparently my twenty six year old self looks fourteen, causes some problems sometimes) and attending the demolition derby. Watching it all I could think of is how my cars would fit in so well, those piles of junk. One even set on fire, I found that rather amusing. Its like everyday in my own backyard.
I cant stand crowds, I tend to break down and black out in them. My last night going to the bars with the girls was a nightmare that I wish to forget. We got stuck in one very crowded bar and their response was to try to push through. At some point I blacked out. When I came to I was sitting in the corner of the bar surrounded by the girls asking if I was okay, sobbing my eyes out and being led away by the bartender who thought I was drunk, ignoring the fact that I hadn’t even had a drink yet. However, this place although rather crowded was not nearly to that extent. Plus we were outdoors and the fields were huge. It was no worse than a convention, maybe even a little easier to handle. Plus, S was oddly kind about my apparent condition. I didnt even know he was aware that I had social anxiety, P must have told him. He kept repeatedly asking me if everything was okay, and would tell me to decided where we went and how far into the crowd to go. I kept handing the reigns back over though, I was doing fine.
I think my biggest entertainment came from the Newport stand. I dont smoke, so when I read the sign “Newport Pleasure Center” I couldn’t wrap my head around this big green and white building just sitting there in the middle of this concert center. T smokes however, and asked me and S to join her. Apparently you get free packs of cigarettes for going in. I was concerned that it was going to involve some type of sampling bar or I would be pressured into having a cigarette, but I told her I would join (I have a terribly bad heart and lungs, cigarettes can be very detrimental, even a small amount). We were first asked if we smoked and I realized then I have no idea about how cigarettes work. After bumbling through lying about how I smoke Marbs and menthol at that, we were led by these way-too happy stewardess types into another room which contained a two virtual reality set ups, one being darts and the other being an unknown room. I choose the room, and got to experience the excitement of the public transport system in VR! They then led us into another room with a play DJ center and I only messed with the buttons momentarily before I found the flashing lights and repeated sound cord annoying. I can only imagine what the poor man felt like being in there for hours on end. We got to go out upstairs and experience the fresh air, and finally downstairs where we handed in our vouchers to get our free pack of cigarettes. The elderly man didnt want to give me back my identification or the pack, he would grip them in his hands and I had to yank them. I can only imagine he either didnt believe me, or found me too young to be smoking (damn my appearance).
All I can say is, the hell did any of that have to do with Newports or smoking in general?
I also found a Resident Evil Nemises mask there which made me giggle. I almost wish I bought it, but the cheapest price was $65 and I cant imagine spending that on a borderline ceramic mask. It was very nice though, Ill make sure to keep an eye out for another sometime in the future.
We left the concert happy and exhausted, at least me. When I finally got home I fell into bed and was asleep fairly quickly. Im not much of a concert person, but Im glad I attended and didnt make a social ass out of myself. I enjoy spending time with my two coworkers, and I hope I get invited to things again in the future.

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