Fatigue, Sickness, Failure and other depressing thoughts

1 was absent. 2 went to the sickbay at lunchtime. 2 went after lunch. 2 went during the last lesson. Were they all just physically unwell, or mentally too?

Why do we detest school so much? Why do we lack the enthusiasm and desire to learn? Is the system failing us or are we failing the system? Why are we being “educated” in such an uneducational and dreary surrounding? Why do we act as if we’re so jaded (is that the word)?

Today we also had a discussion on the next committee. I don’t really know. On one hand I feel like nobody is that outstanding. On the other hand I think the batch, as a whole team, will do better than us. It’s heartening to think that, yet at the same time disappointing to feel like such a failure. Well whatever’s done is done and whatever’s over is over. No use dwelling in the past. No ude wishing things you can’t change. No use regretting what you didn’t do. Look forward to the future, girl! Seize any opportunities in your way. If a door doesn’t open, go open a door.

2 thoughts on “Fatigue, Sickness, Failure and other depressing thoughts”

  1. You’re wise for your age. Its definitely true that to live a life without regrets is nearly impossible.

    I get how you feel, when I was your age I hated school. “Dreary,” oh, yes, it was. I couldn’t wait to leave it behind.

    I wish I’d realized that I was only prolonging misery. I don’t know why I thought that getting a job and moving out on my own after graduation would be preferable to sucking it up and putting in a few years at college.

    At least then I would be working in a field that could hold my interest. (Not to mention… money.)

    Maybe that makes me seem materialistic… but, unfortunately, in this society, one needs money to make it. One’s quality of life largely depends on it.

    Anyway. Good luck to you. Seize those opportunities. (:

  2. Thank you! (Though I don’t feel quite “wise” enough) I certainly agree that a lot of things in life depend on money, and basically my reason for even studying right now is to get a decent job at a decent pay so that I can not just support myself but live comfortably, and also hopefully buy a flat, sustain a family. But everything about career guidance right now is about “finding your passion”. What if I can’t find it yet? What if I’m never going to be passionate enough in anything? I’m materialistic in that sense too, since for me job=income, or at least primarily. Loving it, isn’t that a bonus?

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