Are Ouija Boards Dangerous ?


Are Ouija boards dangerous?….well, I’ve never used one, never in my whole life. However, if you read my other posting on this website, you’ll see that I got myself into a long term mess from doing EVP (a mess that is still on going now a year and a half after it all began).

  In my own case, as a result of dabbling with EVP in the winter of 2015 for just 2 months, I have since April 2015, heard menacing and tormenting voices everyday since as well as feel bizarre and disturbing physical sensations only my body, mostly at night while I’m trying to sleep.

My sleep routine is now all out of whack because of it, I literally have to take a sleep aid almost every night because of I experience strange vibration and poking sensations that seem all too intelligently guided. What I hear most nights is surreal, it’s like a room full of invisible people all talking shit on me, and it doesn’t stop until I pass out. then it starts right back up again the next day.

Yes, this all began for me from dabbling with EVP, and I have met others as well who also had this or something similar happen to them from doing EVP and Spirit Boxes, but I’ve also met people (online) who have also begun to hear menacing non-stop voices and experience these same type of disturbing physical sensation from dabbling in other forms of spirit communication such as automatic writing, pendulums and Ouija boards. So yes, all of these things, using any of them can without a doubt in my mind, result in an attachment/oppression situation that can consist of a psychosis like condition of hearing non-stop tormenting voices that constantly berate you and seek to drive you over the edge

it can and does happen, just think, all of the urban legends about Ouija boards (and there are many) must have originated somewhere


it’s just something to seriously take into consideration if one is thinking able using a Ouija board (or any other form of spirit communication)…..there are serious and dangerous risk











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