I purged

That would be crazy if crime was legal for 12 hours once a year.  I do have to say I’ve become quite fixated on that movie more than I should but again I think it’s a result of me just wanting to fixate on something else besides my impending jail time.  I’ve been having some intense and crazy dreams which is a good thing.  It makes me feel like I’m resolving some things in my mind or at least having a mini adventure.  I believe dreams are the souls way of “purging.”   So this past week has been hell.  My stomach constantly hurts because I’ve been so stressed.  Finally, yesterday I actually heard some news about my case.  I have to do a mandatory (at least) 4 days jail time and then after that, community service and/or house arrest.  I do have to say it was somewhat a relief that I finally had an idea of what was going on and my lawyer said he would try to push back the jail time until the end of June so that I could get my affairs in order.  “My affairs in order.”  It sounds like I’m dying or something.  I had to tell my boss because there was no way to avoid making up something to cover that many days away from work.  He was really nice and supportive and by obligation he had to tell HR in which they could have easily said I should be fired.  But he really went to bat for me and I’m able to keep my job.  The one good thing to come out of all this.  So work yesterday was a little intense because I had so much going on.  I told a few friends and of course my boyfriend and my parents.  I also told Gregory and he spontaneously asked me to dinner.  I think he knew how stressed I was and wanted to get together to take my mind off things.  He lives about an hour and a half away (maybe less with the way he drives) but it was nice he came all the way out just for dinner!  I have to say it was good to see him.  I had been thinking about him a lot since we last saw each other.  So I have the next two days off from work and my boyfriend will be coming over later today and then we’ll have to try and figure out something to do on Wednesday.  I’m going to try and enjoy the time I have left as much as I can.  I know it’s only 4 days and it could be a lot worse but it’s just something I never thought I’d have to do. 

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