Simple life update

I wrote a blog in between this one and my last one. Suffice to say it disappeared. Oh well.

How’s life Ianna?

Life over all is good. I’m grateful for the stability and security of it all. I made a decision well over a year ago to cut toxic people out of my life. I did it with a heavy heart. Family members were included into the “toxic” part. Does it suck? Sometimes… but I can’t say that I regret it. My life has steadily climbed into an elevated position. I thrive when I’m away from those that stirred the pot. It’s one of those life advice lessons I’ll pass on to who ever is reading my words. If you are constantly swimming in drama you are either creating or it or too close to those that will do it for you.

Summer is approaching. Kids will be out of school – ever a blessing and ever a curse. They fight when they are bored… especially Snoochie. The Man is ever closer for a promotion. I’m psyched. He works so hard to support us. Getting late. Suppose that’s enough for tonight 🙂

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